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North Meets South: Vindaloo to Basmati Rice TBD

North Meets South: Vindaloo to Basmati Rice TBD

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Dates to be disclosed

 India being a vast sub-continent, has varying cooking styles where every region is known for its own regional cuisine. India's southern states including Goa and Kerela, are tropical coastal regions where coconuts and rice are main ingredients found in numerous dishes. What are we making?

* a delicious Chicken Vindaloo, a Goan curry that is sweet and sour, spiced with chilies and curry leaves

* Curried Basmati Rice, an aromatic, whole spiced basmati rice dish laced with saffron, cashews, almonds and with a touch of sweetness from raisins, delicately seasoned with cumin and turmeric

Please note this is not a demo class. We cook together, and then everyone gets samples to taste. 

Everyone gets to volunteer and experience in making the fiery Indian cuisine. 


Please read the terms and conditions before signing up for the class.