DEAM AWARD: Shivani Dhamija

DEAM AWARD: Shivani Dhamija

DEAM Certificate of Recognition - AWARDED to Shivani’s Kitchen for demonstrating their on-going commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive community in Canada presented by Nova Scotia Works Teamwork Cooperative and Mentor Ability Atlantic Canada. 

"I'm so very moved and honored for this award.  I really believe the success of Nova Scotia and Canada is found in its' people and giving back," said Shivani Dhamija. 

How Hannah Hefler from Teamwork Cooperative met Shivani from Shivani’s Kitchen: 

“I first met Shivani when she came into Nova Scotia Works with a potential client.  He was looking for support for employment.  Nova Scotia Works helps people looking for support for employment and funding.   I initially thought Shivani was coming in as his friend.  The person didn’t speak English very well and was looking for employment support.  Halfway through the intake I find out this employer – Shivani took the time to come in and I thought – Wow – here’s an employer that took the time to come in and help fill out the forms to help him get a job in his field. 

We have an employer here that really gets it. It’s a rare thing Shivani!  It’s a rare trait and thankfully there’s people that support people with disabilities and people with barriers – it makes a huge difference in their lives and you’re being recognized for that today. Congratulations!!!” says Hannah Hefler from Teamwork Cooperative. 

Awarded October 22,2020

October 2020 is Disability Employment Awareness Month #DEAM2020


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