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Vindaloo Cooking Class (March 11th)
Kevin Baker
A fun, entertaining class

An entertaining class with hands on instruction from a very knowledgeable & sharing cook.
Everybody was able to participate, and learn the intricacies of preparing and cooking this very tasty Indian recipe.
Too bad the dining room was locked that day, otherwise we would have enjoyed everyone's company for the meal.

Indian Grilling class (Feb 25th, 2023)
Colin Dunphy
Great evening, great food

Really enjoyed our time with Shivani and the meal was delicious! Would absolutely recommend to anyone!

Queen of the Curry
Howard Selig
Fresh and delicious

As a background flavouring or up front curry, this is the curry masala I have ever used.

Great spices disappointing packaging

I expected, from the pictures on line, the gift packs would be as shown. The spices are wonderful as always.

Love this curry

We received some Shivani products for Christmas and this order was to restock our cupboard. Can’t imagine using any other curries now.

Queen of the Curry
Brian Hutchinson
Versatile Seasoning

Very aromatic and useful in a variety of dishes.

Fantastic Spice Mixes

Love Shivani's spice mixes. I always made my own but find hers so delicious that I've stopped. That you . Makes my life easier!!


This ready to use paste is absolutely delicious and authentic. It is fresh and doesn't feel oily like other store bought ready to use pastes, plus it has no preservatives. Thank you Shivani!

Butter chicken sauce

This sauce is delicious. I purchased the spice as well but haven’t tried it yet.
Very happy with my purchases.

Great Flavors of Spices

Great Flavors, good prices. Cooked with spices for a number of years. Makes a great gift as well.

Love all of Shivani’s products!

I have two curry blends and regularly buy sauces at Sobeys and my kitchen game is better than it’s ever been as a result. I LOVE Shivani’s products!!

Tikka Sauce

We had the Tikka last night and it was great but I would use cream or milk instead of water.

Authentic indian food delivered quick

Food was delivered very quickly to our door (across the country here in Calgary). Spices are fresh and potent. We enjoyed the thaw and serve food and look forward to using the spices.

Pack of 10 Ready-to-use Sauces
Robert Stalker
Outstanding products

I have been enjoying this companies' products now for a number of years. The content of every container, I fully realize is crafted with great care and I also, truly believe, great love. I live in a large apartment building and realize there are a number of women who are disabled with past regrets and inability to have all the power within them to help themselves and I believe they are malnourished and likely use most of their government handouts to purchase drugs and other very unhealthy things. I love to cook and I, particularly enjoy cooking Indian dishes and now with the wide selection of Shivani's sauces and spice kits, it makes it really easy to follow their great selection of recipes. So I feed myself very well and always make enough to feed the above mentioned people although I have no idea what they do with my food upon passing it over to them. I also am a great bread maker and love making it a whole lot better than eating it so I am made happy by making various types of bread and I now they love it and on several occasions can barely get it out of the bag before they are devouring it like hungry lions suggesting to me that they prepare little food for themselves. They are grateful and I make the food because the process makes me happy and never expect a thank you. I highly recommend the quality and the taste of every product that I have purchased from Shivani's Kitchen.

Butter Chicken Sauce (Vegetarian/Gluten free/Salt free)(Pack of 6)
Incredible flavour!

Loved this one as much as all the other ready to go sauces! Such authentic flavours that linger in your mouth afterwards. Great products and so easy to use!

Wonderful spices

I've been cooking curries and grinding and mixing my own spices for 50 years. Shivani's are much superior to anything I've produced. Pleasurable and energizing.

Korma Sauce (Vegan/Dairy free/Gluten Free/No Salt)
Very delicious!!

This sauce is amazing! I'm very busy working all the time and and this sauce helped me save a lot of cooking time. In only a few minutes I can make a very healthy and delicious dish. Love it! highly recommend.

Kitchen Staple

I'm so happy to have found a wonderful Garam Marsala blend at my local grocery store. I'm thrilled that it's local and made with love in Nova Scotia. I love this blend, it tastes great and I give it as gifts to everyone. A must have for your spice cupboard!


I am on a low-salt diet. I love Indian food! This is a fantastic "salt bargain" for me, since it is salt-free.
Thank you so much, it is very tasty.

Curry Sauce (Vegan/Gluten free/Salt free)
James Farquhar

I am on a low-salt diet. I love Indian food! This is a fantastic "salt bargain" for me, since it is salt-free.
Thank you so much, it is very tasty.

Exactly what it said!

Sweet pack for us to try a bit of everything!

Loved the Product

Sometime during the year I seen the write up for Shivania's in the Herald. I kept the info and just ordered product, Tikka sauce and 2 of the spice bottles. I am always looking for products that have no additives in them. love that your product has no additives, I am very conscious of additives in almost everything you purchase and not happy about it. I tried the sauce right away and it was great. gave some of my dish to my niece and she really liked it too, product is available in co-op in Whycocomagh so we will be shopping there. thanks for doing this for us sarah

Curry Sauce (Vegan/Gluten free/Salt free)
Rosana Barbosa
Excellent, so delicious.

The perfect comfort food, especially, but not only, during the Winter months.

I now can make world class butter chicken

I have been using your butter chicken Marsala spice blend and add a teaspoon or two to your butter chicken sauce to make a very rich and moderately spicy chicken dish and have passed kilograms of the end result to friends who love it as much as I do. I will never make butter chicken any other way in the future.


Butter Chicken spice and sauce has so much flavor and perfect amount of heat. So good