It's a WRAP! Maritime Made on Eastlink Television

It's a WRAP! Maritime Made on Eastlink Television

IT's a WRAP!! Live on #MaritimeMade TV!!! Find out what goes on behind the scenes at Shivani's Kitchen Sunday (Feb21) at 7:30PM (AST) on Eastlink Community TV, channels 10 and 610.

A huge THANKS to Eastlink and Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI) A special thanks to the production team at Firefly Digital Media!!!

Maritime Made is a fantastic show where they showcase local businesses and reveal how products are made. They look at some of the extraordinary products, services and experiences created in our region. Join them as they tour businesses large and small, unveiling the behind-the-scenes operations of everything from Soap to Airplane Parts and now Shivani's Kitchen authentic delicious spice blends and ready to use sauces!!

We had the pleasure of working with the Executive Producer, Tracy Bennett and Scott, who worked the camera and shots. Tracy was wonderful and worked so hard with us to share our story! We also met Scott who was behind the camera. He took so much footage. Was relentless and so hard working behind the camera, and, oh so kind.

Karl, our Production Manager worked his magic – making both Shivani's Kitchen incredible ready to use sauces and delicious spice blends! Oh, the aromas, and magic that happens in our plant! There’s a lot of work that goes into making our authentic flavors!!

We're so VERY grateful we get to share with you what goes on behind the scenes at our production plant !!! 

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