Mistakes you should never do when making Indian food

Mistakes you should never do when making Indian food

When preparing Indian food, it's important to pay attention to various details to ensure the flavors and textures are just right. Here are some common mistakes to avoid while making Indian cuisine:

  • Skipping the Spice Blend: Indian cooking relies heavily on spices and their proper blending. Don't skip the step of roasting and grinding your spices for dishes like curries, as it greatly affects the flavor.
  • Using Old Spices: Spices lose their potency over time. Using fresh and high-quality spices is crucial for achieving authentic flavors.
  • Overcooking Vegetables: Overcooking vegetables can lead to mushy textures and loss of flavor. Pay attention to cooking times to ensure your vegetables are tender but still have some bite.
  • Neglecting Marination: Marinating proteins (like chicken, lamb, or paneer) in yogurt and spices is common in Indian cooking. Don't rush this step, as it helps to tenderize the meat and infuse it with flavor.
  • Not Using Fresh Ingredients: Fresh ingredients, such as ginger, garlic, and herbs, play a crucial role in Indian cuisine. Avoid using pre-packaged ginger-garlic paste and opt for fresh ingredients whenever possible.
  • Neglecting Proper Rice Cooking: Rice is a staple in Indian cuisine. Ensure you rinse and soak it properly before cooking to achieve the right texture and avoid clumping.
  • Using the Wrong Type of Oil: Certain Indian dishes require specific oils like mustard oil, ghee, or coconut oil for authentic flavors. Using the wrong type of oil can alter the taste significantly.

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