Shivani’s Kitchen goes from ‘side hustle’ to Sobeys vendor

Shivani’s Kitchen goes from ‘side hustle’ to Sobeys vendor

Shivani Dhamija is nothing if not honest when asked about her formal background in cooking.

“Nothing,” said the founder of Shivani's Kitchen. “I know only my mom and my aunts make amazing food. That’s how I learned, I’m no professional chef, I just know how my mom cooks. So, I’m self-taught, or mom-taught.”

Trained in corporate communications after coming to Canada in 2008, Dhamija started selling food at the Canada Games Centre as “just a side hustle. It’s a very popular service back at home, meal delivery services, so that’s where I started the journey. But, with time, I got more and more into it and in 2018 I got serious and I actually dedicated some money to it and opened my own commercial kitchen at Seaport Market.” For more story click on the link 

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