Butter Chicken Sauce (Vegan/Dairy free/Gluten Free/No Salt)

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Please note that orders with sauces can only be shipped within Halifax.

Please find us in frozen aisles or the natural section at Sobeys if you're not located in Halifax.

All of our ready-to-use sauces are frozen because they contain no preservatives, only natural ingredients.

Introducing the Vegan Butter Chicken Sauce, the same popular flavors but vegan. A dairy sensitivity? Gluten sensitivity? No worries – we’ve got you.

Thaw the sauce, heat it up, add any kind of veggies, and your Butter Chicken dish is ready!   🌶️  Spicy and Savory!

Known as murgh makhani in Hindi, it is also one of the most popular Indian dishes recreated around the world!!! 🙌🏾

All our Ready to Use Sauces come frozen, have no-salt, are gluten-free and are preservatives-free. We use fresh ingredients from our local farmers.

Proudly Made in Nova Scotia, Canada!

Ingredients: Tomato purée, Onions, Coconut milk (coconut, water),  Canola oil, Cashews, Margarine (soy), Sugar, Ginger, Garlic, Spices

Allergens: made in the kitchen which might contains dairy, nuts, mustard

Customer Reviews

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An easy and tasty dinner! I cooked it with tofu and a pan-full of vegetables and it was delish! Thanks!


the butter chicken went off like it was straight from a restaurant. thanks for making me look so good.