Butter chicken and Rice (pack of 3)


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Butter chicken and rice is a mildly spicy, Gluten free and has nuts.

The idea for our curated collection of frozen dishes was born from our mission to taste special delicious meals. our frozen meals would be no different from recipe boxes, except that we would do the cooking making your life even easier.
heating instruction :
1- place the meal on the tray and put it in Microwave.
2-set Microwave for 5mintues high cook.
3-take out the tray after 5 minutes, stir the meal, cover it, and heat it for 2 more minutes.
4- after 2 minutes, the meal is ready.


The meals are not for sale online. Please ask your local grocery manager if you would like to bring this product to your store. 

Customer Reviews

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I bought one of these meals-to-go from a local grocery store. OMG, it was sooo good, seriously full of flavour. I loved it! And the portion size made for a very satisfying meal. What I didn’t realize is that these are not regular frozen meals - but rather it’s restaurant quality flavour! I actually found myself craving for another one the next day. I’m delighted to discover them and can’t wait to try their other products.

Thank you for sharing your positive review and feedback with us. We are thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the flavor and portion size, and that you found it to be restaurant quality. We appreciate your support and hope that you continue to enjoy our products. Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any suggestions or if there's anything we can do to make your experience even better. Thank you again for your kind words!