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Butter Chicken Sauce (Vegetarian/Gluten free) (Pack of 4)

Butter Chicken Sauce (Vegetarian/Gluten free) (Pack of 4)

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This creamy Indian butter chicken ready to use sauce combines authentic ethnic spices with ingredients like onion, butter, cream, and tomato sauce for a delicious dreamy authentic dish. Spicy and Savory! 

Quick and so easy to make.  Save up to 45 minutes in preparation time as your sauce is ready.  Add veggies or a protein of your choice and your dish is ready!

Known as murgh makhani in Hindi, it is also one of the most popular Indian dishes recreated around the world!!! 

Butter Chicken Cooking sauce -takes 20 mins


What you will need?

  • 1 lb Chicken, Shrimp or paneer
  • Heat 2 tbsp of sauce
  • Add your choice of diced meat seafood or vegetables and cook on high until sear for 2 mins
  • Pour the remaining sauce, stir, cover with lid, reduce heat. Until your protein is fully cooked.
  • Add cream (18%) for more flavour
  • Serve on bed of basmati rice

Proudly Made in Nova Scotia, Canada!  

Ingredients: Tomato purée, Onion, Cream, Canola oil, Cashews, Margarine (soy), Sugar, Ginger, Garlic, Spices

Allergens: made in the kitchen which might contain dairy, nuts, mustard

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Incredible flavour!

Loved this one as much as all the other ready to go sauces! Such authentic flavours that linger in your mouth afterwards. Great products and so easy to use!

Jesswary Muthu
Butter Chicken Sauce on Tofu

Hi, I tried butter chicken sauce on tofu and its amazing,


Andrea Wile

Flavourful, east to use, convenient size